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in partnership with Lusitano World

The photo tour, which will lead you through the centuries of Lusitano horse history, from the foundation of the breed to the stars of modern times.

Photographing in the iconic horse studs in Lusitano's  history, blended with guided tours and cultural experiences, this photo journey will make you feel more connected to these regal horses and the rich culture around them.

Welcome to a photo tour like no other – a journey deep into the heart of the captivating culture of the Lusitano horse! From its ancient origins to its present-day prominence, we invite you to join us on an adventure that unravels the rich history of this globally renowned and fascinating breed.

Immerse yourself in the legacy of noble Lusitano horses, as we take you to the very cradle of Lusitano excellence – the renowned and storied stud farms that have shaped their majestic lineage. Picture yourself capturing these graceful creatures against the backdrop of centuries-old traditions and diverse landscapes, creating timeless memories with every frame.

This isn't just a photography tour; it's an exclusive exploration of Portugal's equestrian heritage!



Photo sessions in emblematic and renowned horse studs of Portugal


Guided tours in remarkable places in the history of Lusitano breed


Traveling and photographing in different regions of the country 


Cultural experience and traditional Portuguese food tasting



Our adventure takes us to the very birthplaces of the Lusitano, exploring the iconic studs that define its legacy – the esteemed Veiga, the historic Alter Real, the revered Coimbra, where we'll have the chance to photograph the latest Golega Champion of Champions and Ortigao Costa stud - the home of the most famous black Lusitanos. These breeders are the roots of the Lusitano's story, and we'll delve into their tales, witnessing the evolution of breeding practices over centuries that transformed the Lusitano into a global equestrian icon.

As we travel across Portugal, be prepared to be mesmerized by an array of photo opportunities that capture the essence of Lusitano life. Frame the grace and beauty of herds of mares in their natural habitat, marvel at the architectural wonders of the studs, and feel the spirit of liberty as horses play and perform acrobatics for your camera. Immerse yourself in the world of stunning stallions, playful youngsters, and the regal presence of ridden horses, adorned not only in traditional attire but also in the elegance of dressage outfits.


Beyond the lens, our Photo Tour will take you on unique guided tours around the most famous and influential stud farms, unlocking the secrets that have shaped the remarkable Lusitano breed. These excursions aren't just about sightseeing; they are a profound exploration into the heart of Portuguese equestrian culture.

Led by experts deeply rooted in the breed's history, participants will gain insights into the challenges faced and victories achieved by generations of passionate breeders. Each stud farm visited becomes a chapter in the saga of the Lusitano, revealing the dedication and expertise that have molded these horses into beautiful animals with great mind and exceptional working qualities that we witness today.

See how these horses live, learn about their unique traits, and understand the role they play in Portuguese culture. From the enchanting foals playing in the fields to the experienced stallions, performing in sports, each moment unveils a layer of the Lusitano's story.

By immersing yourself in the daily lives of these horses, you'll forge a deep connection with the breed. This understanding will undoubtedly reflect in the photographs you capture, as you freeze moments that not only showcase their physical beauty but also convey the spirit and versatility that define the Lusitano breed.

Our photo journey wouldn't be complete without a visit to the renowned Portuguese Riding School, an emblematic symbol of Lusitano excellence.

Join us on this unique journey, where your lens becomes a storyteller of the living history and ongoing legacy of the Lusitano horse. Secure your place for an unforgettable journey through the heart of Portugal's equestrian culture.




  • 8 photo sessions

  • Accommodation in double room

  • All meals included

  • Fado dinner at Lisbon

  •  Transportation during workshop

  •  Transfer from / to Lisbon airport

2750€ (VAT excluded)



  •  Aircraft tickets

  • Trip cancellation or travel insurance

  •  Single Room Upgrade (extra 200€)

  •  Riding experience (extra 100€)

  • Commercial use of photographs, made during photo tour +500€ (VAT excluded)



To secure your place for this photo-tour a deposit of 1.000€ is required.

You can fill up the form by clicking on "RESERVE YOUR PLACE" button and our team will contact you for further steps. 


Location Changes

As we work with horses and in outdoor environment it is possible that we have to deal with some unexpected weather or events: therefore, the locations of this tour may be subject to change. No refunds will be given in the event of location change.

Photo Tour cancellation

Ekaterina Druz and Lusitano World reserve the right to cancel or postpone this Photo-Tour due to force major or if the minimum number of 6 participants can not be reached 1 month before the starting date - in this event the reservation fees will be fully paid back to each participant

Insurance & Waiver of liability

We strongly recommend each participant to buy travel cancellation insurance for the flights and to have a travel medical health insurance.

Participants will be asked to sign a Release and Indemnity Form before the tour starts. Be prepared for the unexpected and insure your travel investment!

Photo rights

All photos taken during this tour can be used for your portfolio, website, social media and private use. You can be granted all the legal documents to own the commercial rights of all photo materials, you create during the photo tour, if you subscribe to the “License for Commercial Use of Photos”

If you’d like more information about this or other photo events, get in touch today!

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