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in partnership with Lusitano World

Unveil the hidden beauty of Northern region of Portugal in a one-of-a-kind photo tour, where equine photography in unique locations combined with cultural experience and tourism.

Together with Lusitano World we invite you for an exclusive and immersive adventure - a private tour designed for those who seek one of a kind experiences that ignite passion, feed curiosity and inspire creativity.

In this tailor made photo-tour we will showcase the hidden gems of the north of Portugal, creating the most incredible conditions for you to take home unique equine photos. We shall uncover some of the hidden gems and untold stories of the picturesque North of Portugal, getting a nuanced and authentic understanding of the region, its people and equestrian culture through the guidance of a local team. 
Each stop is selected for not only for its scenery - we aim to unveil a unique storytelling potential that will inspire you to find your voice as an equine and travel photographer. Explore inspire, create.

This tour guarantees a great diversity and exclusivity, set up for a maximum of 7 photographers - do not miss your spot!


Adventure is calling. Will you join?



Photo sessions in historical places 


Cultural experience from the perspective of insider


Staying in the boutique hotel in the mountains


Seeing wild Garranos - rare local breed of horses



Together with Lusitano World team we explored the best locations and now we want to share our 'jewels' with you! Starting from the dramatic mountains and crystalline blue river to rich architecture, historical monuments and medieval bridges, each session is a highlight that will literally blow your mind.

You will have the opportunity to capture the most exquisite Lusitanos both in hand and ridden in Portuguese attire, always framed by carefully selected settings - we will encourage you to explore your photography skills, step out of your comfort zone and take it to a new level! Explore a unique storytelling potential that will inspire you to find your voice as an equine and travel photographer.

This tour guarantees 6 photo-sessions fulfilled with beauty, colour, action and magic

- an opportunity not to miss that will most certainly boost your portfolio and create timeless memories!


Our tour epicentre will be at Ponte de Lima - one of the most characterful and charming villages of northern Portugal. Considered to be one of the oldest metropolises in Portugal, the town sits on the slow-flowing Lima river, where its emblematic Roman bridge dates from 1BC. In fact, Ponte de Lima's name was originated by this crossing point on the pilgrimage route from Braga do Santiago de Compostela. 

Ponte de Lima is not only famous for it’s medieval constructions, manors, palaces and ancient religious buildings, but also the centre for Vinho Verde producing - a refreshing, fizzy wine fermented from freshly harvested grapes.

We will be hosted at Cerquido Village & Spa - an authentic and almost secret place with the most incredible view over the mountains. Here, time runs at YOUR rhythm!

Enjoy the fresh air of the mountains, the quietness of the private gardens and make sure to relax in the indoor spa or while swimming at the outdoor panoramic pool.

We can only promise you an unforgettable experience on a magical town!


Did you know that there are still wild horses in Portugal? That is true! The 'Garranos are considered to be the oldest of the Portuguese horse breeds. In fact, their presence is so old that Iberian Paleolithic cave paintings depict horses that bear a striking resemblance to them.

The Garrano is a small, light horse, which typically shows solid dark colours (such as bay, brown and dark chestnut), weighs around 290 kg and is no taller than 1.35m.

Despite their height, these horses are exceptionally strong, with great endurance and very agile, thanks to thousands of years spent traversing difficult terrain in the mountain. The Garrano was classified in 1994 as an endangered breed and a program aiming to perpetuate the breed is currently in place.

On our tour, we will travel to the mountains to observe and photograph these rare horses. We will look for them in their natural habitat.


Embark on an exploration rich in scenic beauty, fascinating history, and vibrant cultural traditions. We invite you to immerse yourself in the Portuguese local culture and learn from its people first-hand.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Sight-seeing & insightful local stories. Each place we will visit will come along with an history that will enrich your perspective while photographing. More than photographing, we will create a story-telling!

  • Flavour Portugal: enjoy an authentic, healthy and rich Portuguese Mediterranean diet! We will invite you to taste the modern and traditional

  • Portuguese food, as we believe the best way to dive into a cultural experience - is through your plate.

  • Wine Tasting Experience: discover the fresh flavours of Portugal's wines with a special wine tasting in 'Porto city!




  • Transfer from / to Porto airport

  • Transportation during workshop

  • Accommodation

  • All meals included

  • Full access to the spa

  • Wine Tasting Experience

  • 6 equine photo-sessions

  • 1 guided tour at Porto

2750€ (VAT excluded)



  • Aircraft tickets

  • Trip cancellation or travel insurance

  • Personal expenses

  • Extra drinks

  • Horse Riding Experience +85€ (VAT excluded)

  • Commercial use of photographs, made during photo tour +500€ (VAT excluded)



To secure your place for this photo-tour a deposit of 1.000€ is required.

You can fill up the form by clicking on "RESERVE YOUR PLACE" button and our team will contact you for further steps. 


Location Changes

As we work with horses and in outdoor environment it is possible that we have to deal with some unexpected weather or events: therefore, the locations of this tour may be subject to change. No refunds will be given in the event of location change.

Photo Tour cancellation

Ekaterina Druz and Lusitano World reserve the right to cancel or postpone this Photo-Tour due to force major or if the minimum number of 6 participants can not be reached 1 month before the starting date - in this event the reservation fees will be fully paid back to each participant

Insurance & Waiver of liability

We strongly recommend each participant to buy travel cancellation insurance for the flights and to have a travel medical health insurance.

Participants will be asked to sign a Release and Indemnity Form before the tour starts. Be prepared for the unexpected and insure your travel investment!

Photo rights

All photos taken during this tour can be used for your portfolio, website, social media and private use. You can be granted all the legal documents to own the commercial rights of all photo materials, you create during the photo tour, if you subscribe to the “License for Commercial Use of Photos”

If you’d like more information about this or other photo events, get in touch today!

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