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Let's capture the beauty of this old and remarkable breed together!

Elegant and noble, the Lusitano horse will inspire from the first second you see them. Majestic beauty is revealed in every moment, whether playing in a colourful arena, posing among Portuguese mansions or showcasing traditional ridden work.

◽️Workshop highlights will include:◽️

• A beautiful variety of horses, of different colors and types • Diverse typically Portuguese locations • Various scenarios to photograph: horses in freedom, living in herds, portraits, traditional Portuguese equine culture • Detailed theory lessons • Portfolio reviews • Opportunity to have riding lessons according to your level and needs

"The true art of equine photography is to combine in-depth knowledge about the horse with an original artistic approach. During this workshop we will learn to reveal the best and unique characteristics in each horse and how to frame them perfectly in the beauty of the Portuguese culture and nature" says Katya Druz, workshop leader.

Only 12 places are available! Book yours HERE

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