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Hone your photography skills and boost your portfolio with 4 days #PhotoWorkshop Lusitanos in Spotlight, organized with Lusitano World

Lusitanos in Spotlight which will take place from 10 to 13th May 2018 in Leiria, Portugal, is an exclusive and intensive four-day program that combines equine photography masterclass, portfolio review, exquisite photo-shoots in spectacular places, cultural interaction and lots of fun.

Photo Workshop Highlights will include:

✔ Increasing theoretical knowledge on equine photography

During the masterclass and portfolio review with the experienced equine photographer Katya Druz

✔ Combine diverse exquisite scenarios in short time period

• fabulous Lusitano horses in freedom

• beautiful architecture locations of baroque centenary monuments at Leiria’ city

• photo-shoot at the beach with Atlantic waves and white Portuguese sand

• diversity of riding shoots, with horseman in classical baroque costumes, traditional and dressage outfit

• exclusive night photo session, playing with light and smoke

✔ Cultural experience

• City-tour into the picturesque city of Leiria

• Fantastic typical dinners, tasting the unique Portuguese cuisine

Whether you are a beginner, a hobbyist or a skilled photographer, our team will drive you to the most amazing and exclusive photography locations and guide you in developing your own creative vision.

Take advantage of this experience to maximize your learning and take home your most memorable pictures.

Book your place in workshop HERE

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