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In 2018 Ekaterina Druz released 2 fabulous calendars with Hipponet Verlag company.

✔️ Marwari 2018 is dedicated to unique Indian breed, which you can meet only in the country of its origin.

These exotic horses firstly drag the attention because of their unique feature – curved inwards ears’ tips, which ideally should touch each other. But not only this feature makes these horses a real Indian treasure.

Bred as war horses for kings and noble people, these amazing animals have hearts of the brave warriors and loyalty of best friends when it comes to relationship with humans. And while observing how they carry themselves proudly and elegantly, dancing in the dust or posing among old traditional castles, their exceptional beauty and strong charisma wins the heart immediately.

✔️ World of horses 2018 is nominated for Gregory Calendar awards and contains colorful and striking photographs of various horse breeds from all over the world, like Lusitano, Arabian, Akhalteke breeds, Don horses, PRE, Friesian and many others. Enjoy the diversity and beauty of equine world!

📝 To know more about calendars or place your order you can do HERE

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