Welcome to the world of horse beauty and grace depicted in photographs of professional equine photographer Ekaterina Druz. Ekaterina not only creates beautiful horse images, but also reveals the best in every horse combining artistic approach and deep equine knowledge in her work. Here you can find hundreds of horse photos which demonstrate elegance, power and uniqueness of each animal.

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Explore the beauty and diversity of equine world browsing through hundreds of horse photographs. The photographer depicts the great variety of breads all around the world in the context of local traditions, in free motion or posing with their owners. Choose what you want to see first - the best images portfolio or new albums, dedicated to certain horse breed or trips to different countries.


For me every horse - is a puzzle, special and beautiful mystery, which I am always trying to solve, to understand. Catching the individuality of my models I feel some sort of magic appears every time I take camera in my hands. Suddenly, horse starts posing just as I would ask him to, demonstrating his beauty, power, tenderness, elegance or other features of his personality and soul. This moment I feel that borders of language, difference in species fades away. Horse and me, we create pure art together.

Photographs are the best instrument to promote your horse or equine services. It is also a great decoration to put on the wall, so that the fascinating beauty of equines will always inspire you. And once you have decided to become an equine photographer, you require to get a profound knowledge first. Ekaterina Druz provides the range of services which you can find in the list below, choose what you need more now. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


  • Select photographs for commercial and editorial use

  • Buy prints for decorating your home

  • Ask for individual photo selection according to your specific parameters 


  • Promote your equestrian  business with quality visual material

  • Capture special moments with the horse you love

  • Reveal the best in your horse with every photo


  • Attend photo workshops worldwide to experience fun of learning in practice

  • Ask for individual coaching to get deeper knowlege, theoretical or practical

  • Order your online lessons 


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